» » » The Struggle is real, but so is the opportunity!

The Struggle is real, but so is the opportunity!

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The struggle is real, but so is the opportunity!

Engagement after engagement we find that customers of today are looking beyond the normal “what does your PBX offer versus your competitors”. Today’s customers are more educated than ever before and are looking for tangible business benefits. the only way to effectively answer this question is through personalized Use Cases.

Want to win in this market? Easy – take the time to understand your customers’ current business process and help them identify the inefficiencies! The better you understand their business, the stronger your business case becomes! Sales of today is as much about the process as it is the product. When proposing your solution, include an overview that defines how your solution address their specific challenges and needs.

Of course, the Panasonic IP PBX supports your efforts by providing a full suite of Unified Communications applications fit for almost any environment. Our products allow businesses to experience improved communications and overall customer satisfaction. Let’s look at 5 PBX capabilities that offer that your business needs.

  1. Voicemail to Email

Receiving voicemail by email is a huge advancement. No longer having to dial the voicemail access number, sitting and listening to each voicemail in sequence. The schlep of having to sift through to find that important message! Voicemails are now sent to email, accessible on their PC or smartphone - so that you can choose which to listen to, whenever they want. Users can save, delete, forward or listen again – when it suits them! If your customers frequently have to get through 5 messages before getting to the one that they are looking for, then this is definitely for them!

  1. Single voicemail for fixed and mobile phones

If your customer has both an office and mobile phone, they’ll understand how annoying it can be to access two separate voicemail systems. A single voicemail for all their numbers makes life so much easier, especially when it can be accessed from any device!

  1. Virtual Numbers that moves with them

The days of having a phone number tied to a physical address is over! With VoIP, customers can have as many numbers as they like all directed to the same physical phone and that can be a fixed or mobile device. Let’s say that they want to open a Cape Town office but are stuck in Johannesburg. Getting a virtual Cape Town number and having the calls delivered to your Jhb office or mobile phone, is useful as they can answer the calls wherever they like. Now apply this to overseas offices and you have one powerful application!

  1. Be in 2 or more places at once

Before, when customers weren’t at their desks they were missing important, potentially revenue generating calls! Today, a single number linked to many different phones which can all ring as you they require means that calls never go unanswered and the calling party is none the wiser!

  1. Free Call Conferencing

Conference calls are more popular now more than ever, and beyond our leading Video Conferencing solutions, our embedded conference bridge can save customers time and money on travel, even on the go!

We’re taking market share with a winning partnership – Pansmart, Panasonic and You! If you haven’t noticed yet, Panasonic is on a fresh drive to re-establish themselves as a leading commercial brand. Pansmart is committed to helping you to capitalize on this opportunity by offering flexible partnership structures and full sales and technical support to help you win!

Give us a call and let us introduce you and your customers to the exciting world of Panasonic IP and Unified Communications!

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