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It’s time for us to have a serious chat about CCTV…

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Panasonic ups the stakes in CCTV technology in delivering customized experiences to drive better outcomes for their consumers. Panasonic produces reliable products and solutions that create, capture and deliver all types of data, where, when and how it is needed.
This is evident in Panasonic Security and Surveillance Solutions which are optimized for retail applications. Take a look at these applications:

-Ultra 360° panoramic dome camera with integrated business analytics
-Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) solutions and Video Insight video management software (VMS)
-Built on Panasonic’s 4K Ultra HD engine the Ultra 360° cameras produce a nine megapixel 360° Fisheye image capturing crisp edge-to-edge images that deliver the equivalent resolution and coverage area as four conventional 720p security cameras, greatly increasing system efficiency
-The addition of optional business analytics features including both heat-mapping and people counting can generate key information on store traffic patterns and customer dwell time allowing retailers to gather valuable business intelligence from their camera investment.
-Panasonic’s Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) features include: intruder detection, loitering detection, scene-change, object detection and cross-line detection and the Video Insight management software captures, manages and stores all video surveillance footage across an easy-to-access network, providing the ideal solution for any single or multi-location retailers
-Panasonic provides remote access to video surveillance monitoring.

Panasonic is committed to helping its customers become more productive, connected and innovative. By providing remote access to video surveillance monitoring and control, Panasonic has literally put the security operations center in the palm of the customer’s hand, granting businesses with the mobility that today’s environment demands while maximizing the flexibility and efficiency that keep facilities protected and secure. By storing your videos and managing your cameras in the cloud, they can access their surveillance anywhere and anytime. View their business or access your video surveillance on their computer, smartphone and tablet and view real-time videos in the cloud, find footage back based on motion, sound and infrared detection and aim your camera at what it is you want to monitor. Panasonic offers a range of easy-to-integrate, IP-based network security cameras with advanced technologies and superior features such as, H.264 high efficiency video compression, multiple simultaneous video IP streams, super wide dynamic range (MEGA Super Dynamic), and advanced Auto Back Focus Cameras among others.

Along with a full line https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra-fiable/ of analog cameras, network and digital recording solutions, encoders and decoders, server-based systems and displays, Panasonic’s comprehensive security solutions are made for numerous vertical market applications such as food services, education, healthcare, gaming and public safety. Let’s take a closer look at 4 market places where Video Surveillance can be a benefit: Corporate events, receptions and tourism are the lifeblood of hospitality. Whether it’s a good night’s sleep or a wedding reception, clients depend on your staff to provide the highest quality service and security. If their expectations are not met, they lose customers. CCTV will show them how a properly designed loss prevention program can increase employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction levels, reduce internal theft, eliminated vendor fraud and proactively increase your bottom line profits by reducing internal losses.

Education: The role of CCTV in a school context has potential to fulfil roles in acting as a deterrent, proactive detection, collection of evidence, and overall monitoring function. CCTV can also act as a mediator between parent/school and even parent/parent disputes. Having cameras at school gates and access points immediately allows monitoring over the potential issues that can occur there, as well as identifying vehicles and people coming into the school. Similarly, monitoring entrances to major buildings can pick up suspects potentially involved in theft of items from offices and classrooms such as notebooks, bags and cellphones. CCTV surveillance can also monitor for anti-social activities or violations of school rules on the playground, sports fields, or in the general school areas. The after-hours patrol of school grounds, particularly where there are late afternoon or evening activities or boarding houses, can reduce the potential for attacks and theft. Similarly patrols and motion detection alarms can identify trespassers and safeguard against damage to property, while viewing access points can identify issues related to movement in and out of school premises. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, video surveillance is an effective tool not only for increasing security, but also for controlling costs. Surveillance cameras can work to protect hospital employees and patients from security breaches, and provide valuable visual evidence that can be used to increase productivity and prevent dishonest claims. IP video technology provides hospitals with added flexibility in their video surveillance installations, while offering benefits such as remote video monitoring and more effective storage capabilities. Sports

Stadium: Any event involving large crowds is a potential target for criminal activity. Sporting events are a prime example. Authorities must take great lengths to make sure such events are safe, that crowds remain in check, and that any threat of a large-scale disturbance such as http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-sans-ordonnance-en-suisse/ terrorism is thwarted. Video surveillance is an invaluable tool in helping to ensure the safety of the fans, players, employees, and the facilities themselves. Panasonic is focused on reliability, longevity, flexibility and support, providing franchisees with a long-term investment that will deliver a high ROI and low TCO. They are looking to enhance customer service, improve productivity and grow sales with the company’s line of reliable mobility tools. We have a team of experts ready to assist you in any way to scope, architect, implement and support a solution for your customer. Partner with the best, Partner with Pansmart – a leading Panasonic distributor in South Africa.

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