Secure communication technology

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Cyber-attacks on IoT devices are on the rise, with video surveillance systems connected to the Internet also being the target. Resistance to cyber-attacks is thus becoming an important factor to look at when selecting the appropriate video surveillance system. Some … Read More

Pansmart launches the Panasonic KX-HTS32

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Panasonic KX-HTS32 – an extremely powerful yet reasonably-priced Hybrid IP-PBX ready for mainstream penetration into the SME market in South Africa. The KX-HTS32 could not have come at a better time … Read More

IP phone and device market 2017

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Of all the IP phone and device producers, Japanese cialis fiable electronics company Panasonic ranks in the very top. Panasonic’s AVC Networks business in which IP devices resides; contributes 20% of Panasonic’s annual revenue, which is testament to their commitment … Read More

Video Conferencing is justified in any business

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Video Conferencing is justified in any business Each month the number of queries and solutions delivered for our Video Conferencing solutions increases – we know why… Never has there been a time in history where companies both big and small … Read More

It’s time for us to have a serious chat about CCTV…

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Panasonic ups the stakes in CCTV technology in delivering customized experiences to drive better outcomes for their consumers. Panasonic produces reliable products and solutions that create, capture and deliver all types of data, where, when and how it is needed. … Read More

The Struggle is real, but so is the opportunity!

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The struggle is real, but so is the opportunity! Engagement after engagement we find that customers of today are looking beyond the normal “what does your PBX offer versus your competitors”. Today’s customers are more educated than ever before and … Read More