HD Visual Communications

Panasonic's HD Visual Communications System reduces initial costs while enabling multi-site connection. Its high image and sound quality is another very appealing point. And it allows people to participate in video conferences from just about anywhere via mobile devices.

- Point to Point Connection
- Multicast
- Participation in videoconferences using mobile devices
- Meetings can be held while displaying images of the other party's site and PC data each on one of two monitors. (Optional license is required.)
- Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio
- High quality video Full-HD 1080/60p
- The Rate Control function adjusts data traffic based on network congestion
- Remote Camera Control
- Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Echo Canceller
- Easy-to-understand remote lectures and seminars are conducted at multiple sites
- Connect to a sub-camera to share zoom and still images
- Other brand device compatibility and MCU interoperability
- Low Bandwidth Communication Support
- External Control Interface
- NAT/FW Traversal